Party's over

Well, doesn't this look like a pleasant surprise? The new Agent 47 movie may suck, and Square Enix may have mucked up the delivery mechanism of this reboot – but IO Interactive appears to be delivering in Hitman's gameplay department. In this 15 minute video from PAX Prime, we follow the world's most deadly slap head through a Parisian art gallery, as he's hot on the trail of a fashion designer with a sinister side.

Not only does this look impressive – the crowds are amazingly dense – but there also appears to be an absolute ton of variety in the way that you can approach this mission. With the developer planning to roll out new objectives and content through 2016, that replayability is going to be pivotal to the title's success, and we're already liking what we're seeing here. Are you eager to accept some Blood Money? Slip into the comments section below.