Test chamber

Despite being little more than a year away from release, we're yet to see anything meaty for Sony's forthcoming Project Morpheus headset. The tech demos have been intriguing, there's no doubt about that – but it's about time we saw some meatier experiences. The Assembly is one such title, a morally ambiguous adventure in which you'll play as two different characters in a strange scientific facility.

The video below includes a full eight minutes of commentated gameplay footage, and details the kind of things that you'll be doing. As inductee Madeleine Stone you'll mostly be completing trials set by your new employers, while scientist Cal Pearson will be tasked with creating concoctions in his lab. The takeaway appears to be that virtual reality is able to make the mundane interesting again; merely poking through cupboards is described as a mind blowing experience here.

Whether or not the final product will live up to its promise remains to be seen, but it's definitely refreshing to see a Project Morpheus title with a little more meat on its bones. It sounds like developer nDreams is really starting to deal with some of the challenges that virtual reality development creates, too – it explains, for example, that it had to reduce the character's walking speed in order to prevent the onset of motion sickness.

But is this the sort of game that you'd like to play in VR? Pass the test in the comments section below.

[source ndreams.com]