Rise up, rise up

"They should really make a new Homefront game," said absolutely no one ever – but it's bloody happening anyway. After a bit of a corporate cock-up involving THQ having no money and latterly Crytek having no money, Far Cry: Brown & Grey Edition is finally due out next year under the name Homefront: The Revolution. Deep Silver, who owns developer Dambuster Studios, will be publishing it.

You'll find two trailers below. One's meant to tug at the heartstrings as a nervous child practically chants "USA! USA! USA!" while the latter shows some gameplay, including the remote controlled car from Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game will also feature co-op, and there'll be a beta for that on the Xbox One later this year. Of all the things to be jealous that the PS4's missing out on, this isn't one of them.

[source youtube.com, via youtube.com]