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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was an absolutely huge hit for Bethesda. The studio's best selling release of all time, it's safe to say that Skyrim played a big part in putting role-playing games on the map for many a gamer back when it launched in 2011. However, even with all of its accolades, the tale of the Dragonborn could well be outsold by Fallout 4, according to Bethesda's Pete Hines.

"I think this can top Skyrim. It could be our biggest release ever," the executive told MCV. Given the sheer amount of hype and media buzz surrounding the post-apocalyptic adventure's teasing reveal and its eventual showing at E3 2015, we reckon that it's certainly possible. That said, outselling Skyrim is still going to be a colossal undertaking.

Do you think that a man and his dog can overthrow a man and his dragon soul? Tell us if a shout would work while using VATS in the comments section below.

[source mcvuk.com, via vg247.com]