Divinity: Original Sin garnered quite a lot of attention when it originally launched on PC. According to most, it's a fantastic role-playing game with a huge world, addictive combat, and a lot of player customisation. Of course, as with almost every title that receives such praise these days, it's making the jump to the PlayStation 4 courtesy of an unsurprisingly named 'Enhanced Edition'.

Featuring hours of new gameplay and optimised console controls, could this be Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition all over again? We sure hope so, and the release's newest trailer looks promising to say the least. Briefly covering just about everything that you should know about the game, it's a perfect starting point for those who have just had their interest piqued. The title's hitting Sony's newest system later this year.

Have you played the initial release on PC, or may this be your first opportunity? Party up and clobber some beasts in the comments section below.