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Associate editor Robert Ramsey's favourite family (!!!) game Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will be expanding once again over the coming months, as Koei Tecmo continues to add additional content to the busty brawler. Starting from 11th August, a fresh patch will add a new stage named 'Fireworks' to the title, as well as some summer costumes and balance fixes.

Then, in Spring 2016, a "major update" will add another new stage and a fresh character to the fray. There's no word on who the addition will be, but expect more information in the near future. Of course, there'll be tons of new costumes for you to buy in the interim, including several based upon Falcom's popular The Legend of Heroes series and Square Enix's smartphone smash Schoolgirl Strikers.

Oh, and if you wondered why Ramsey hasn't written this article, it's because he's busy creating a spreadsheet in a desperate attempt to deduct whether he'll be able to afford all of the new outfits.

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