Sulking in the rain

Bruce Wayne's no Peter Parker, but Batman: Arkham Knight's rain-slicked interpretation of Gotham City is just too darn pretty to ignore. As such, the latest PlayStation 4 patch for Rocksteady Studios' miserable superhero sequel will add an ever-popular Photo Mode to the mix, allowing you to commit the title's bleak urban streets to camera.

The update weighs in at a relatively reasonable 1.6GB, though that's only if you've already updated to the most recent version of the release. If you're starting afresh, you'll need to pull 4.3GB off Sony's servers, so you may want to strap yourself in for a lengthy wait. Of course, Photo Mode's not the only thing on the agenda – the patch notes also pledge stability fixes.

Furthermore, the update includes support for incoming DLC, as well as general gameplay, graphics, and audio improvements to boot. Has the addition of Photo Mode encouraged you to wear the cowl one more time? Scowl like you're a millionaire playboy in the comments section below.