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Here's some Friday night humour for you. One unlucky Dragon Age: Inquisition player has encountered a rather tragic bug that ruins a particular scene in the game time and time again. Detailing the scenario with plenty of hilarious screenshots and running commentary, Tumblr user omgsolas finds herself unable to break up with potential elven romantic interest Solas because a wyvern keeps attacking as the conversation unravels.

Oh dear

We've seen some pretty awkward happenings in BioWare games before, but this one's a corker. The best part is that the game over screen even has the gall to pop up during the exchange while the Inquisitor is clearly still standing.

We'd like to think that the overgrown lizard is just trying to salvage the romance, but taking a few bites out of someone surely isn't the best way to rekindle the flame. Have you encountered any particularly damaging bugs or glitches in Inquisition? Keep your partners close in the comments section below.

[source omgsolas.tumblr.com, via gamesradar.com]