Come come, kitty kitty

Croteam surprised everyone by ditching Serious Sam's screaming midgets in favour of philosophical puzzler The Talos Principle – but the even greater shock was that the existential adventure actually, y'know, turned out to be pretty darn good. It's no surprise that the release is making the jump to the PlayStation 4, then, with The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition due out on Sony's system this 13th October.

The game – which is a bit like Portal crossed with Plato – will ship with its expansion pack Road to Gehenna, and will be available both digitally and physically. Bandai Namco is helping out with the boxed release, which is pretty nice of it. You can check out the trailer embedded below, which introduces the core narrative themes, while showing off a variety of Tetromino-based conundrums.