The latest in Koei's Samurai Warriors series is carving its way into Japanese stores this September, and this time, it's bringing a bit of strategy along with it. Samurai Warriors 4: Empires takes the fourth game's large cast of characters and pits them against each other as their warlords try to conquer feudal Japan, and, as always, it's up to you which role you play.

Jumping into the shoes of either a ruler or an officer, you'll be unifying The Land of the Rising Sun one province at a time. The title's first trailer looks promising, and showcases new features like your ability to build and expand your own castle - a place for your allied warriors to live. However, as expected from the spin-off Empires titles, the real draw is the ability to alter history in various ways, whether it's with your own custom character, or your own randomised scenarios.

Are you hoping that it gets localised? Take a peek at the video, and then tell us which warlord you'd ally with in the comments section below.