PS4 Release Date PlayStation 4

An interesting SCEE ad has emerged on Twitter this evening, attaching rough release windows to a bunch of upcoming PlayStation 4 titles. Sony's been running these promotions in European magazines for a little while now, boasting about the strength of its box's software lineup with just a giant list of launch dates. But this post-E3 page is noteworthy because it includes titles like Persona 5, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Dreams.

Let's start with Atlus' hotly anticipated Japanese role-playing game, which is sitting adjacent to a 2016 tag. The SEGA subsidiary is adamant that its PS4 title will launch in 2015 – but it's only ever committed to this date in Japan and North America. Seeing as the developer typically shares its wares agonisingly late in the Old World, 2016 seems reasonable – but we wouldn't be surprised if it got delayed worldwide, too.

The other interesting inclusion is, as mentioned, Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is also apparently set for 2016. Again, considering how long Square Enix typically takes to make its titles, we'd be surprised to see that happen – but if it's adopting an off-the-shelf engine like Unreal Engine 4, there's a slim chance that it could arrive in time for next Christmas. We wouldn't recommend holding your breath, though.

And then there's Dreams, which allegedly will also make it out in 2016. Media Molecule hasn't really said a whole lot about its imaginitive new intellectual property just yet, but we'll definitely find out more at Paris Games Week. Perhaps most fascinatingly, while all of the above 'To Be Announced' titles include 2016 tags, Sony's omitted attaching a year to No Man's Sky. Surely it's not over 18 months away?

No, in truth we reckon that this is SCEE trying to put together a compelling commercial, and subsequently including games that it doesn't really know the release dates for. We'd suspect that a lot of this is a marketing executive making educated guesses. And, to be honest, it'll probably have the desired effect – after all, that's a pretty darn compelling list of upcoming software.