Rocket League PS4 PlayStation 4 DLC 1

Rocket League is arguably one of the most enjoyable games on the PlayStation 4, so the prospect of an add-on pack has everyone at Push Square Towers practically salivating like a dog that's just won a year's supply of Bonio. And the good news is that the first expansion isn't far away; Supersonic Fury will release in early August, and will cost you just €3.99/$3.99.

But what will you get for your money? "The DLC pack includes two brand new Battle-Cars: the over-the-top American muscle car, Dominus, and the souped-up Japanese street racer, Takumi," explained community manager Jeremy Dunham. "Both of these vehicles offer six different Decals for Garage customisation (12 total) and are only available for play in the DLC."

That's not all: the add-on will also include two new Rocket Boosts, a couple of Wheel Sets, five fresh Paint Types, and a bunch of new Trophies for you to unlock. And if you don't want to pay, you'll be getting extra content anyway; the Utopia Coliseum stadium will be made available as part of a free update, alongside the oft-requested Spectator Mode. The developer's even throwing in some new flags.

And it's not stopping there. "Further enhancements, like updated Goal explosions and Demolitions, are planned for the free update as well, along with the brand new song, 'Firework', from the critically-acclaimed electronica group, Hollywood Principle," concluded Dunham. Just take all of our money, Psyonix – you're clearly going to anyway.

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