Mafia III PlayStation 4 PS4

After an eternity being locked up in the back of some hoodlum's trunk, Mafia III will finally don its fedora in public next week. The official Facebook page for the franchise has updated its cover image with a single piece of artwork confirming a 5th August reveal. The shot shows four gangsters surrounding a tied up ne'er-do-well, as well as a bunch of 70s-style cars. Looks like this will be a slightly more modern take on the franchise, then, which has us unbearably hyped.

Rumours regarding a third entry in 2K Czech's criminally underrated franchise have been rife for a while, although it doesn't sound like the series creator is on development duties anymore. Instead, it seems that US-based start-up Hangar 13 has been put in charge of the property, with its website noting that it's working on "an intense action game set in an immersive world". Whoever's at the helm, we can't wait to see this in action โ€“ especially as it's certain to look stunning on the PlayStation 4.

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