Max power

Life Is Strange: Episode 4 – Dark Room will don its Jane Doe shirt and travel back in time from 28th July, developer DONTNOD has announced. The instalment has been long awaited following the cliff-hanger ending of the previous outing, and promises to push protagonist Max Caulfield into "unexplored and daunting territory" as the so-called End of the World Party approaches in Arcadia Bay.

After a slightly shaky start, this series has really picked up pace of late – and has surpassed one million sales at the time of typing. If you're not playing it but happen to be a fan of soppy John Green novels, then you know what you need to do. There's a trailer embedded below, but beware – spoilers lurk on the other side. And unlike Ms. Caulfield, we're guessing that you haven't got an undo button should you accidentally see them.