PlayStation 4 PS4 1 CUH-1200 Europe

While the first revision of the PlayStation 4 isn't quite the slim model that many of you may have had in mind, it does appear to be rolling out in Europe at last. The slightly lighter, less power hungry appliance has been spotted in GAME stores around the UK by a handful of forum posters, suggesting that Sony is supplying British shops with the new system. It sounds like some outlets in Amsterdam have also received the revised stock; the updated console carries the codename CUH-1216 on these shores.

Writing on NeoGAF, one poster explained that the fresh unit is quieter than his older model – but that could just be down to the fact that it's brand new. On the negative side, another user pointed out that the new mechanical buttons found on the front feel "cheaper" than the touch sensitive ones, and the light on the top is much shorter, which results in a less pronounced power-on effect. Minor issues, then, but worth noting.

The rollout of this SKU has been a little strange to say the least. Sony announced it in Japan, pointing out that it would make its way to the West eventually. The platform holder did launch a 1TB model recently but only in Europe, however this used the console's original innards. We suspect that it'll simply be running down stock of the old unit globally now, with all future shipments carrying the new system.

Of course, this all makes the possibility of a Paris Games Week price drop seem increasingly likely. While the revised console isn't majorly different to its predecessor, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Japanese giant's managed to cut manufacturing costs. And that's after it said shortly after release that the hardware was already profitable at its launch price. We're sticking with our $299.99 prediction this holiday. Do you agree?