PlayStation Vita Engraved 1

Engraved jewellery is not uncommon in the Western world; engraved video game consoles are. Still, the latter very much appears to be a thing in Japan, as Sony has launched a PlayStation Vita engraving service in its homeland, which will cost you ¥500 ($4) per character. This means that getting 'Push Square' emblazoned on your handheld will set you back approximately $40. Worth every bright green buck if you ask us.

You can also opt to have your PlayStation TV personalised if you prefer, but seeing as all of ten people own one of those, we doubt that there'll be a particularly long queue for that part of the service. All the same, we quite like the idea of customised consoles, but we very much doubt that Sony will be rolling this out overseas. Imagine for a second that it did, though: what would you get written on your device?

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