Dressed to kill

While there's been much confusion regarding Hitman's distribution method, we've been more bemused by publisher Square Enix's decision to conceal a release that's due out in less than six months. This leaked gameplay footage is almost certain to get whacked by the organisation in no time at all, then – but at least it gives us an idea of how the title will actually play.

Unsurprisingly, it seems similar to previous Hitman releases. In this clip you're ordered to assassinate two targets, and must pose as a chef, security guard, and sheikh to do so. Fans will likely enjoy the sheer wealth of possibilities on display here, but with no confirmation of how much content will be available on day one, you'd be right to remain sceptical for the time being at least.

Are you shining your scalp in anticipation for Agent 47's latest outing? Go undercover in the comments section below.

[source dailymotion.com]