During E3 2015, one of Microsoft's biggest 'wow' moments came when it announced that the Xbox One would be gaining the ability to play Xbox 360 titles via a backwards compatibility service. It was a move that had the crowd clapping furiously, and as you'd expect, there's been a big call from PlayStation fans that they want something similar on the PlayStation 4.

"I was very surprised. It must have taken lots of effort for them to realise the backwards compatibility, because the Xbox 360 and Xbox One use very different kinds of architecture," Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said on the matter in an interview with EDGE. "They showed a very short list of titles that work, and doing software emulation means you have to work title by title. So I'm curious to see what kind of games will be included in those 100 games that they say will be compatible by the end of the year," he continued, sounding somewhat sceptical.

Yoshida remained sceptical when asked about the possibility of backwards compatibility on the PS4, however. "I totally understand people asking for it, and if it was easy, we'd have done that," he replied, adding: "But our focus is creating PS4 games and adding new services." Perhaps disappointing news for those of you holding out for some hope. "Remaking games on PS4 makes the games even better – with The Last Of Us, you can play at 60 frames per second, and the same goes for Dark Souls 2. Actually, I just finished Dark Souls 2 again on PS4," Yoshida concluded, belting out a quote that's bound to have people in an uproar about remasters.

Backwards compatibility seems to be a debate that never quite goes away, but where do you stand? Would you make use of your old PS3 games on your PS4, or do you prefer having older titles remastered for your new-gen hardware? Try not to be too controversial in the comments section below.

[source gamesradar.com, via gamesradar.com]