Fallout 4 1

Let's be frank: Bethesda's titles aren't known for their smooth launches. Every game that the studio released on the PlayStation 3 started out with its own share of problems, from Fallout 3's graphical glitches to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's crashes. With Fallout 4 now looming on the radiation-soaked horizon, development lead Todd Howard has taken the time to assure players that the studio's doing all that it can to make sure that the game doesn't bugger up.

Speaking with Game Informer, Howard says that Bethesda's experience with fixing Skyrim's problems has allowed the team to get a better grasp on the bug squashing process. "All of the updates we did on Skyrim, and all of the DLC – once we sorted [the bugs out] we had a different process for how we checked the content out," he said. "There will always be some problems", he admitted, but goes on to say that "I think we've gotten way better there".

Talking specifically, Howard then reveals what particular problem the developer is keen not to replicate in Fallout 4. "For us, [the player's] saved game is the number one thing. If the game crashes that's bad, but it is nowhere near as bad as someone's saved game being hosed. That's our scenario that we will do anything and everything to avoid."

Now, call us cynical, but we're not exactly sure that Bethesda can promise anything with its well documented track record. Given that Fallout 4 is being crafted using a modified version of Skyrim's Creation Engine, we just can't see the release being perfect at launch. Plus, did Howard really just dust aside game crashes as if they're not really that bad? Oh dear.

How do you think Fallout 4 will turn out? Do you expect a smooth launch, or do you think that it's going to be plagued with all the usual problems? Enter the nuclear haze in the comments section below.

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