P4 D Date

Hurrah, the absolutely ridiculous Persona 4 Dancing All Night finally has a European release window set for this winter, and there's a crazy collector's edition up for grabs to boot. The Vita rhythm title throws the cast of Persona 4 into a new storyline that's all about busting moves, and as you'd expect from the franchise, it looks pretty great despite the wacky concept.

Beary tempting

Going back to the aforementioned collector's edition, you'll be able to pick up the 'Disco Fever Edition', which includes a physical copy of the game, downloadable costumes, a Teddy keychain, a Vita skin and wallpaper, a 2-disc CD soundtrack, and a double-sided pouch for your precious handheld. All in all, we'd dare say that it seems like a pretty neat package, and you just know that the soundtrack is going to be glorious.

Sadly, there are currently no details on the pricing of the collector's edition, or where you'll actually be able to order it from. Nevertheless, we're just glad that the release has officially been called up to exhibit its moves in Europe.

Are you looking forward to this one? Do you plan on forking out for the full package? Strut your stuff in the comments section below.

[source ricedigital.co.uk, via neogaf.com]