Uncharted 4- Ps4

Ever since Naughty Dog announced the title of Nathan Drake's fourth outing on home consoles, it's been heavily speculated that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End would be the last adventure for the wise-cracking explorer.

There's no definitive proof that the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive will be the final entry in the series, but some hints have been dropped in the past and the name itself sort of hints at the prospect of life without Nate. Naughty Dog has remained tight lipped about the story, but the game's director, Neil Druckmann, recently posted something to Twitter that will make every Uncharted fan shudder.

Commenting on the massive Uncharted 4 banner installed at the LA Convention Centre where this year's E3 is taking place, Druckmann said that Nathan's "looking mighty good for his last E3", along with a devilish emoticon. There's always the chance that the guy is just trolling fans, but we'd put money on it being the last Uncharted to feature Nathan Drake. Not much money, mind – just a quid.

What do you reckon? Is Neil Druckmann channelling his inner Hideo Kojima, or will this really be the last round for our mass-murdering charmer? Cheeky quips down below.

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