Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 PlayStation 4 v1.02 Patch

Credit where credit's due: Ultra Street Fighter IV's much-needed v1.02 patch has arrived fast after last week's launch catastrophe. The 161MB update – which comes with a set of notes almost as long as Chun-Li's legs – incorporates several improvements to the game, including a fix for the dire menus which previously functioned at half-speed. We can confirm after booting the title that things are running much better in that department now.

There's no mention of the input lag, which is one of the things that this version of the game was supposed to address. However, according to the patch notes, developer Other Ocean Interactive has tackled the game's invisible fireballs, as well as Decapre's wonky teleportation animation. Various online issues have also been solved, while the title's anisotropic filtering has been tweaked, resulting in much clearer backdrops.

Having booted the game up for a few minutes just to check the tweaks, we can confirm that arenas such as the Training Stage are looking much less blurry now. It feels to us like the aforementioned input lag is still present, however, but we'll need to wait for some more definitive tests to see if that's the case. Given that the flaw isn't mentioned in the patch notes, we suspect that it'll be solved in a future fix.

This appears to be a step in the right direction, then – and has arrived quickly. Alas, there still seems to be a way to go before this port is up to tournament standards.

Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 v1.02 Patch Notes

  • Reduced Interface lag within menus
  • Addressed disappearing projectiles
  • Fix Decapre's teleport animation
  • Fixed missing SFX for Red Focus Attack
  • Fix Rolento audio glitch during victory screen
  • Fixed Akuma's stomp SFX not playing
  • Addressed bottom portion of the ON/OFF text being cutoff under the graphics setting in the Options menu
  • Removed extra character that was sometimes displayed in the Leaderboards at the end of a player's name even if they have not set it to be there
  • Fixed issue when seeking an arcade match-up with LAN cabled disconnected, and then starting up training results in a message ID being displayed
  • Addressed online IDs not appearing correctly
  • Addresses issue when changing the HP bar's HUD position in Options, the Online ID HUD positions does not move with it, and is displayed at the default position
  • Anisotropic Filtering (AF) changes to decrease blur
  • Fixed appearance of white box after backing out of a command list menu
  • Addressed Fight Request in Arcade Mode (Arcade | Arcade)