A match made in heaven

WipEout is coming to the PlayStation 4 – as part of a new Resogun ship pack. The crafts – inspired by Studio Liverpool's legendary racing series – include a handful of the most famous teams from the franchise's futuristic antigravity league, including Feisar, Piranha, Auricom, AG Sys, and Qirex. We're frowning at the absence of Assegai.

All five of the crafts have been tuned around their native guises, so some will move quicker while others will be more powerful. You'll be able to nab all of the ships for £3.29/$3.99, or they'll be available a-la-carte at £1.19/$1.49 a pop. Meanwhile, audio aficionados may be tempted by Resogun's 17 song soundtrack, which will cost you £3.99/$7.99.

Lastly, developer Housemarque's dropped three fresh Human packs onto the PlayStation Store, each boasting two unique character types which previously could only be accessed on a specific day. These will set you back £0.79/$0.99. The great news is that Season Pass owners will get all of the above content free – as well as the previously released Heroes and Defenders add-ons.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com, via blog.us.playstation.com]