The Order 1886 Screen 1

The Order: 1886 was met with a mixed reception, and seeing as we haven't heard a whisper about its sales, we're guessing that it flopped at retail, too. It's not an enormous surprise, then, that developer Ready at Dawn now wants to release games on more than the PlayStation 4. Well, that's according to the company's new CEO Paul Sams, who was speaking as part of an interview with Games Industry this morning.

"The one thing that is for sure is that we intend to continue to try and build some of the best games in the world," said Sams. "While we expect to continue in our tradition of making big AAA games, we will not rule anything out at this point. Great games come in many shapes and sizes these days and we will look to be involved with games that we believe in and that we love to play ourselves. Said another way, we are platform agnostic at this point – just like most gamers. Further, our technology now supports multiplatform development. Since the release of The Order, we have been very hard at work to advance our engine and technology to a place where we can deliver our games on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and one other unannounced platform that you will soon find out about."

Aside from that, the studio wants to have full control over its IPs in the future. "We want to build, own, and publish our own IPs in the future. We are in the process of trying to figure out how we will be able to achieve that goal. As for The Order, it was absolutely the company's desire to own it. We love that game and we are proud of it. Unfortunately, we were at a point in the company's evolution where owning that IP was not possible. We hope to not find ourselves in that position again."

Sams joining the team is big news in its own right, as he was Blizzard's CEO for ten years. Ru Weerasuriya, the company's former CEO who will now take on the role of president and chief creative officer, said that Sams will play a large part in helping Ready at Dawn achieve its IP goals. He said: "Paul's expertise will be essential in achieving some of our goals, including our desire to seek a strategic partner in helping us create and retain ownership of our own transmedia IPs."

While losing an exclusivity deal is never good news for any console maker, we doubt that this will be a heavy blow to Sony's plans – after all, we're talking Ready at Dawn and not Naughty Dog. Still, we'd love to know what you think, so go ahead and fill us in on your thoughts in the comments below.