The Last Guardian PlayStation 4 PS3

E3 simply wouldn't be the same without: a) Word of The Last Guardian's imminent re-announcement; b) Word of The Last Guardian's imminent cancellation. It's a testament to the brilliance of both ICO and Shadow of the Colossus that Fumito Ueda's bird-meets-boy escapade is still held in such high-esteem – it's been about eight years since we first got wind of the foray, after all.

But according to UK newspaper The Guardian – it's a sign, surely – the publication has it on "very good authority" that the game will be on display for the PlayStation 4 in Los Angeles next week. Sony's stated time and time again that the title's very much still in production, but whether it looks anything like that initial hype-inducing trailer of yore these days remains to be seen. If the Japanese giant does re-reveal this, though, it's going to need to ensure that it's ready for primetime.

We don't think that we could cope with another eight years of unparalleled agony...

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