Fumito Ueda, creator of PlayStation classics like ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, must be seriously fed up. If we roll our eyes at every piece of vague The Last Guardian information these days, imagine what it must be like having worked on the title for almost a decade. We suspect that he's sick of the sight of that darned cat bird creature – and we can't blame him.

As part of another not-so riveting twist in the title's ongoing tale of the tape, Sony has applied for a fresh trademark for the forthcoming foray. This will run in parallel to the one that it forgot to renew earlier in the year, and is most likely just a case of the company keeping its back covered. You could, of course, consider this another indication that the release is still in production.

Maybe it's just our current mood, but we're starting to reach a point where we couldn't care less. Don't get us wrong, Team ICO's track record is incredible, but we've seen nothing of this for several years now, and it's hard to keep a hype train chugging when you're running on empty. We're done with empty promises, and just want to see the game now.

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