The Assembly PlayStation 4 PS4

This is exactly what Project Morpheus needs to succeed: original games built from the ground up for virtual reality. The Assembly, which was originally announced last year, has been re-engineered over the past 12 months – and is now aiming to release in 2016 alongside Sony's ambitious PlayStation 4 peripheral. It sounds really cool, too.

Described as an adventure game, the title will put you inside the lab coats of two different characters, each employed by a shady organisation known as – you guessed it – The Assembly. You'll be challenged by a series of moral dilemmas as you progress through the game, and it will be down to you to make decisions that will both impact your life – and the lives of others around the globe.

Since its unveiling last year, developer nDreams has ported the project to Unreal Engine 4, which has "enhanced every aspect of the game". It's also recruited Sony's own Rob Morgan, who's reworked the story for the firm. The plot will need to be watertight for this title to succeed – but the premise sounds perfect for VR, and we can't wait to see more.