Tearaway Unfolded PlayStation 4 PS4 1

Tearaway Unfolded will unwrap plenty of warm fuzzies on the PlayStation 4 this September, as Media Molecule has dated its Vita re-imagining in North America and Europe. The game will release for the low fee of $39.99 in the Home of Hamburgers, and will be available from 8th September. There's no word on the price point that it will adopt in Europe, but it'll be out a day later in the Old World.

There'll be a ton of pre-order bonuses up for grabs, and those in NA may end up with the best deal. Register your interest in the release and you'll nab two exclusive costumes based on God of War and Journey, as well as a bunch of decorations from titles such as Gravity Rush, No Man's Sky, inFAMOUS, and Lemmings. You'll also grab some bonus paper plans, the game's soundtrack, and some shiny head gear.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the content will be split up. The Pop-Up Pack will include the Journey costume and five different decorations, as well as the aforementioned paper plans and soundtrack. However, the game's Special Edition will come with the Kratos outfit, a different set of decorations, and the Gold Stamp and Pig Crown headwear for your chosen hero.

Finally, there'll also be a super limited Collector's Edition in the Old World which will come with all of the above in addition to an "adorable" atoi plushie. That will be available from selected retailers, but no word on a price yet. Are you excited for this enhanced re-release, or do you not care one iota? Present yourself all prim and proper in the comments section below.

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