EA E3 2015 PlayStation 4 PS4 Press Conference

EA's been a bit disappointing in the E3 press conference department of late, but it attempted to up its game today. While it had its usual roster of sports games on display, we were most impressed by the likes of Mirror's Edge Catalyst and Need for Speed. The highlight, however, had to be Star Wars: Battlefront, which looks stunning.

But what did you think of the mega publisher's display? Did it sate you with its swathes of content – or did you come away from the media briefing feeling mostly underwhelmed? Take a step back, breathe, and then share your thoughts with us in the poll and comments section below.

How would you rate EA's E3 2015 press conference? (24 votes)

  1. Very good4%
  2. Good38%
  3. Meh33%
  4. Poor13%
  5. Very poor13%

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