Buckle up everyone, because E3 2015 is just around the corner. The biggest event in gaming comes around but once a year, and over the course of about a week, we're bombarded with news, release dates, announcements, and trailers from just about every publisher under the sun. For us here at Push Square, it's a time that we both relish and fear. We love the excitement, the hype, and, of course, the press conferences, but we're also tasked with covering the entire bloody thing. That means late nights, crumbling keyboards, and probably far too much caffeine – but we wouldn't miss it for the world.

Push Square continues to grow at an alarming rate thanks to your support, and as such, this will be our biggest E3 ever. Across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita, we'll be covering absolutely everything that comes our way, complete with reactions, live blogs, and streams. In other words, you can sit back, relax, and watch us work our socks off to bring you the best coverage of everything that is PlayStation.

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Well, that just about does it. Push Square's E3 2015 coverage begins now, and we hope that you enjoy the ride.