Beyond Good & Evil 2 PS4 PlayStation 4

Sony's big E3 2015 press conference may have felt a little like a séance for formerly dead projects, but there's one title that it failed to resurrect: Beyond Good & Evil 2. The astute among you may have noticed that the release was absent from Ubisoft's media briefing, and that's because it's apparently dead as a dodo – probably because the publisher couldn't effectively find a means of shoehorning in towers.

The game, much like The Last Guardian and Shenmue III, has been in development hell for a long time now, but we have seen enough of it to know that it was, at one point, in production. However, according to a journalist from GameSpot, the title has been abandoned, as the team working on it has moved on to other things – including, one would assume, Sony's very own WiLD, which has also been absent at the show so far.

To be clear, the reporter does state that he wasn't able to corroborate his information with a separate source, so warns that he could still be wrong. Given this title's track record, though, we wouldn't bet on that being the case. There's one silver lining at least: Ubisoft can make more open world third-person co-op shooters instead. Oh boy, we sure hope that you have to climb towers to unlock items on the minimap in Wildlands.