Look at his little face

Ah, the iconic Dragon Quest slime monster. With its innocent little grin and blank stare, the humble slime has become the poster boy for Japan's most beloved franchise. If you're a fan of the little blue beasties - why wouldn't you be? - you may have to start gathering your gold, because Dragon Quest Heroes' collector's edition comes with its very own slime plushie. We can just picture booting it around the office as we type this.

The imaginatively named Slime Collector's Edition is exclusive to Square Enix's online store, and it's priced at a somewhat hefty $99.99. In it, you get the aforementioned slime plush, a slime key chain, and a slime lanyard, along with the game, of course - and it all comes packaged in a treasure chest box. As for digital content, you get a set of slime weaponry. However, if the slime edition's a bit too pricey, the game's day one edition includes all of the mentioned DLC. We'll have to leave it at that, though, because we can't face the possibility of typing 'slime' again.

What's more, the previously leaked North American release date for the action role-playing game has been officially confirmed. The title will launch on the 13th October, exclusively on PlayStation 4. Are you about to welcome a little blue monster into your life? Give us a squeeze in the comments section below.

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