Game of the Show PlayStation 4 PS4 E3 2015 1

Wow, what an incredible E3 it's been. Many of the announcements at this year's sun drenched convention outstripped our wildest imaginations, and while the remainder of this year's lineup has been set in stone for some time, there's an enormous amount to look forward to over the coming years – including Shenmue III and Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sorry, we still can't believe it!

Embedded below you'll find a shortlist of the 25 biggest PlayStation titles from the event. Yes, we know that they all happen to be PlayStation 4 releases, but we just wanted to make it clear to you all that we took into account PlayStation 3 and Vita titles, too. The rules are simple: the game had to be either playable on the show floor or present at one of the big press conferences in some degree.

This is an authored shortlist which has been decided upon by the Push Square team, so you may not find your particular favourite in the poll. We did debate it at length, so hopefully you still find something that tickles your fancy embedded below. Either way, make sure you think about it before casting your vote, because you only get one shot – and everyone has equal say.

So, what will it be? Are you hot for Horizon: Zero Dawn, or do you think that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is leading Sony's first-party charge? Maybe you were bowled over by Star Wars: Battlefront, or is it Kingdom Hearts III that's unlocked your, er, heart? Peruse our poll, pace around the room, pick your winner – and help us to select Push Square's E3 2015 PlayStation Game of the Show.

The release with the most votes on Saturday, 20th June 2015 at 18:00PM BST will be selected as our overall champion, and we'll have a feature delving into a little more detail shortly thereafter. We should point out, however, that in the unlikely event of a draw, the Push Square team will conduct a private poll to declare an overall victor.

The vote has now closed. Thanks for taking part.