Yes, we can't quite believe it either - what is arguably one of the most anticipated massively multiplayer online games to ever launch on consoles has had a less-than-perfect start. Reports from across the web suggest that users are having trouble signing into The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on PlayStation 4 following the title's release. For those out of the loop, the MMO role-playing game is out today, but its servers went live at midnight.

Of course, snark aside, this is absolutely nothing new. We struggle to think of an online title that hasn't had a troubled launch in recent years, barring sci-fi shooter Destiny at a push. In any case, there's not really much anyone can do about packed servers, especially when players are being kicked from their game at seemingly random intervals. As such, it looks like this is just going to be a case of waiting it out until things smooth over.

Have you had any problems? Did you log on at launch? Get booted from the comments section below.