Prime attack

Back when Transformers: Devastation first leaked, we pondered how the vehicle transformations in the title would work. There were no screenshots showing off any of the playable Autobots in their transformed state, so we wondered whether developer Platinum Games had ripped that part of the experience out. It turns out that it's actually a pivotal component.

As explained on the PlayStation LiveCast, vehicles play a very big role, as they're used to cover distance during combos, move around the environment at speed, and also dodge. We love how ridiculous it all looks; slamming Decepticons mid-air in Bumblebee's compact car form seems like outrageous fun, and we're equally big fans of Optimus Prime's truck tailspin attack.

As entertaining as it undeniably looks, though, if this is simply a series of combat arenas as it appears to be, then we're not sure whether it's going to warrant its retail price tag. Hopefully there's a bit more to the title that Activision's keeping under wraps for now.