Survival of the fittest

Tom Clancy's The Division feels like it has been in development for quite some time, but Ubisoft has revealed it will release March 8, 2016 on the PlayStation 4, and this relieving announcement has brought two trailers in tow.

The first shows the scope of the game engine's power in a cinematic nature with narration that describes the depravity and sorrow that come when a society is brought to the brink of survival. It gives us a clearer idea of what to expect from the game's themes, which has a The Last of Us vibe in terms of how dark it seems to be. The second trailer, however, delves into more of the multiplayer gameplay, showing off some equipment that can be used like seeker mines and deployable turrets while players seek out loot in a world where danger lurks around every corner with enemy groups. In addition, there's a shocking twist at the end that will ensure that play sessions with friends will test your bonds of trust.

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