Mass Effect Shepard Face

If anything was missing during EA's 2015 press conference - well, apart from it actually being good - it was a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster announcement. Fans of Commander Shepard's epic sci-fi quest have been begging for such a reveal ever since new-gen consoles arrived on the market.

BioWare, the studio behind the franchise, has hinted to the existence of of a trilogy remaster before. Back in November, the developer posted on NeoGAF, asking fans what they would like to see in such a release. Before that, rumours were rampant that a PlayStation 4 re-release was in development at the Canadian studio. Essentially, it certainly looked like a trilogy remaster was on the cards, but then, where the heck is it?

Speaking to Game Informer, EA's Patrick Soderlund said that "Is it better for them to be working on a completely new IP, which you know BioWare is, or should they be remastering a Mass Effect?" He continued: "I don't know about you, but sometimes when I go back and play a game, you want the memory of what they were at that point in time when you played them." Without doubt, worrying comments for anyone still hopeful of a trilogy re-release.

That said, Soderlund bizarrely didn't actually rule out a remaster. "I won't lie and say we haven't looked at it," he stated, after declining to comment on the port's existence. Now, when publishers or developers choose not to say whether something is in the works, that usually means that it probably is - but Soderlund's aforementioned comments would suggest that EA would rather BioWare not bother with remastering its trilogy.

The whole thing's more than a bit confusing, but we still reckon that EA would be mad not to greenlight such a project, given that a PS4 port would not only bring new players to the franchise, but it'd also be likely to sell gangbusters on new console hardware.

What do you make of all this? Does it exist? Does it not? Do you care? Demand answers in the comments section below.