One shot, one kill

One would think that the next Hitman would be your typical sequel, innovating on top of what the last game did well and improving what it failed to deliver. However, the sixth game in the long-running franchise is simply titled "Hitman", which seems to be like a soft reboot of sorts for Agent 47 come December 8th, 2015.

Creative director Christian Elverdam over on the PlayStation Blog says that this title will be a pure assassin experience, combining the best attributes of every Hitman game to create a world of Contracts to fulfil and targets to kill, with "levels [that] are substantially larger and more complex than those in Hitman: Absolution". It seems to be a game that will not only be a complete title at launch, but will continue to launch "new locations, new targets, and new challenges for people to enjoy together" well after it releases. And with the PlayStation 4, players will have access to six unique Contracts to sweeten the deal.

The cinematic trailer is rather ambiguous, but a visually astounding one nonetheless that shows Agent 47 taking out several targets in different manners, which might hint at how players will be able to take them down in-game as well. Do you believe this might be a Hitman game that takes full advantage of the PlayStation 4? What kind of Contracts would you like to complete? Finish the mission in the comments section below.