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If last night's E3 2015 press conference from Sony had been a normal one, we'd probably be all cooing over Horizon: Zero Dawn right now. Sadly for Guerrilla Games, its new intellectual property got overshadowed somewhat by bigger announcements – but take nothing away from the title, as it looks absolutely extraordinary.

The game's set in a lush open world where "nature has reclaimed the ruins of a forgotten civilization". In this mysterious landscape, mankind is no longer the dominant species – machines are. You'll play as a character named Aloy, a young woman from a tribal community intent on learning more about the world around her – and hunting down the aforementioned foes.

In addition to boasting plenty of exploration, it sounds like the title's going to have a hint of Monster Hunter to it; managing director Hermen Hulst points out on the PlayStation Blog that you'll need to learn the behaviour of different enemies, and also use stealth and the environment to your advantage in battle.

The title's due out in 2016, and will surely allay fears that Sony is no longer investing in interesting first-party games. After many years of being on the cusp of a breakthrough with Killzone, this could be Guerrilla Games' big breakout hit.

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