Pip-Boys are integral to the Fallout universe. These handy little gadgets tell you everything about your current physical condition, and even allow you to make use of the incredibly useful V.A.T.S when you're in need of some accurate shooting.

If you've ever wanted a Pip-Boy in real life, then you'll be happy to know that Fallout 4's collector's edition comes with just such a thing - well, kind of. Attaching your smart phone to the inside of a Pip-Boy casing, you too can become a vault dweller, especially after you've downloaded the game's official app, which allows you to mess around with your inventory and other stuff on the go. Neat, huh?

There currently aren't any details on how much the edition will cost, but we imagine that news of the pricing will break soon enough. Have you come of age? Is it time to receive your very own Pip-Boy? Tap away in the comments section below.

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