"As you wish..."

With the actual empire that Disney is building with Marvel, it's no surprise it took advantage of that with the latest instalment in its Infinity franchise. Now, as the owners of Star Wars, it was a no-brainer that Disney Infinity 3.0 would take advantage of that and tackle all things Star Wars.

Sony showed off the Rise Against The Empire Play Set, which will allow you to play as the iconic characters from the classic trilogy, such as Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, and more. Players will be able to participate in all sorts of scenarios, such as by tying up AT-ATs on Hoth, flying the X-Wing through the trenches of the Death Star, and, of course, harnessing the powers of The Force as Luke or Darth Vader.

However, what makes the PlayStation 4 version of this Play Set so special is that it will arrive exclusively a month earlier than on all other platforms and come in a special edition that includes an awesome figure of Boba Fett you'll be able to play as in Cloud City, and, hopefully, many other levels.

Are you stoked to relive the classic Star Wars trilogy in a cuter form? Does the exclusive Boba Fett figure seal the deal on making you pledge your allegiance to the PS4 version? Wail like a Bantha in the comments section and give us a piece of your mind on Disney Infinity 3.0.