Battlezone PS4 PlayStation 4 1

This author's a little too young to remember Battlezone, but for many it provided a formative arcade experience. For those that don't know, the cabinet came with a kind of periscope, which was used as a window into the polygonal action. Your objective in the Atari game was to bust wireframe tanks – and now Rebellion is bringing the brand back to Project Morpheus on the PlayStation 4.

The developer – probably best known for the Sniper Elite series among others – acquired the rights to the property at an auction in 2013, and has been busy beavering away on a new version of the legendary outing ever since. The whole thing's been given a Tron-like polish, but it seems relatively faithful to the 80s original, with its sharp artstyle and voxel-based explosions.

Check out the trailer down below, and let us know if you're old enough to remember the original Battlezone in the comments section.