"Woohoo! We did it"

"There's no market for mascot platformers anymore," the men in suits said – but Playtonic Games has proven everyone wrong. Yooka-Laylee achieved its £175,000 funding target in under an hour, before going on to achieve $1 million in five. Only four projects have reached the milestone faster, and none of them were video games.

And now it's broken another record: at £1.58 million (~$2.5 million) it's officially the most funded British game in Kickstarter history – despite it still having 32 days of funding time left to go. To be fair, after that initial surge, the number of donations has slowed down significantly, with the title attracting "just" 600 backers yesterday.

The studio has been good at adding various Stretch Goals, however, with the latest promising free DLC for supporters – as long as the game reaches a total of £2 million (~$3.1 million) once the funding is finished. Have you stumped up for this throwback adventure yet? Hop, skip, and jump into the comments section below.

[source kickstarter.com, via mcvuk.com]