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Well would you look at that, another somewhat reasonably timed E3 2015 press conference. Ubisoft's announced that its presser will begin at 23:00PM BST / 15:00PM PST / 18:00PM EST on the 14th June. That's just a few hours after EA's showcase.

You see, we UK writers here at Push Square aren't too bothered by late nights, but when we're staying up well into the early hours of the morning, it all gets a bit soul crushing - especially when E3 news typically continues to leak out for a couple of days afterwards. It's also worth mentioning that traditionally, Sony schedules its press conference after the big players, so we could well be looking at an all-nighter when it comes to the Japanese giant.

What are you hoping to see at Ubisoft's event? Are you looking forward to Assassin's Creed Syndicate, or are you hoping for something fresh? Drink plenty of coffee in the comments section below.

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