Toren PlayStation 4 PS4

There's a nice backstory to Toren, the debut PlayStation 4 project from Brazilian indie Swordtales. The game stars a young girl named Moonchild, who grows over the course of the adventure into a strong and powerful woman. And writing on the PlayStation Blog, the humble developer likened this to its own journey as a game development unit, evolving from fledgling hopefuls to formidable software creators

"With the help of Sony's support for indie games, we have grown from being a group of starry-eyed hopefuls into full-fledged game developers – an incredible journey for the studio that has made everyone a little older and a little wiser," community director Lance James explained.

The company knows exactly how to win the support of the PlayStation faithful, too, explaining that its title was directly influenced by cult classic, ICO. "Like that game, Toren features a beautiful, silent world to explore lacking an obvious narrator. The Swordtales team felt that this style of narrative and explanation fit our vision of what we wanted the game to be, while also infusing the game with a uniquely colourful look and feel that draws on the traditional artwork and mythology of Brazil."

Sounds intriguing, eh? Check out the trailer below, and let us know whether this has piqued your interest in the comments section.

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