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You may need an abacus to keep count of the various special editions that have been announced for Assassin's Creed Syndicate following its reveal yesterday. Ubisoft may have proved that it's learned from Unity's disastrous launch by debuting the title with tons of gameplay, but it's certainly not packing in its convoluted collector's edition practices.

We'll start in the UK, where there are the most premium packs to pick from. For starters, if you pre-order the game, you'll get access to the Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy Pack, which will add missions based upon two of the period's most famous faces to the game. The publisher claims that this will include an extra hour of gameplay.

If you upgrade to the Gold Edition for £69.99, however, you'll also net the title's Season Pass, as well as an exclusive Baker Street costume. There's no word just yet on what expansions the organisation has in the pipeline, but seeing as the title's single player only, expect much more story content – perhaps similar to that which was released for Unity.

Then there are the more expensive options: the Rooks Edition includes a second extra mission – Runaway Train – as well as an art book, soundtrack, double-sided London map, and an exclusive collector's box. At a somewhat reasonable £59.99, it's actually cheaper than the Gold Edition – but comes without that all-important Season Pass, of course.

Then there's the much meatier Charing Cross Edition, which will cost you £74.99. This includes all of the goods in the Rooks Edition, but throws a different box and a 23cm statue of protagonist Jacob Frye into the mix. If you want to go crazy, however, the Big Ben Edition includes much of the above, as well as a more extravagant statue, a hipflask, the Season Pass, and a lithograph for £114.99.

Are you keeping up? Good, then we'll move across the pond to the United States where there are a different roster of options available. As in the UK, you'll get the Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy Pack for pre-ordering the game, while you'll be able to upgrade to the Gold Edition to nab the Season Pass as well for $89.99.

However, you'll be able to pre-order some exclusive merchandise separate from the software in Jacob's hidden blade for $59.99 and the character's cane for the same fee. Alternatively, you'll be able to nab an adapted version of the Charing Cross collector's edition including a statue, map, art book, and soundtrack. That's only available through Uplay, and will cost you $119.99.

We seriously need to go for a lie down now.