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The switch in Sony's focus to the PlayStation 4 has been much more dramatic than in generations past. Those of you with strong memories may recall the PlayStation 2 selling almost 50 million units once it had been succeeded, but the PlayStation 3 has fallen away in almost all territories outside of Asia. This is something that the company alludes will continue.

"There is no doubt that at this stage, and with the success that we have enjoyed globally, that our focus is on PS4," said SCEUK boss Fergal Gara as part of a wide-ranging interview with MCV. "There is more that we could do with PS3 on a promotional level, but don't expect us to do anything near to what we are doing with PS4, because that is the future."

Gara explained that the PS3 was a "heavily engineered machine", which means that we're unlikely to ever see the system hit budget prices like the PS2 before it. "It will certainly be around for this year and beyond, but don't expect it to have anywhere near as much focus in the UK as PS4. The gap between the two is very, very wide," he concluded.

Ubisoft has just announced that it will no longer be making games outside of its casual properties for the previous generation platform, and we'd expect other publishers to follow suit soon. The console currently costs around $230 in the United States with a couple of games included – it's a shame that it can't get it down to around $150 or less, as we reckon that there are still sales to be made.