It begins

Initiate your hype thrusters: Sony has dated its E3 2015 press conference. The show – set to take place at the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena – will begin on Monday, 15th June at 18:00PM PDT (21:00PM EDT). This means that if you're in the UK, you'll be staying up until 02:00AM BST the next day. We're already feeling sleepy.

As is often the case, the Japanese giant will be going last, following an action packed day featuring Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft. Unlike its closest competitor, the platform holder didn't tease any titles that it'll be showing, but we've already penned an article explaining why we reckon that you should expect a lot of third-party stuff.

What is that you're hoping to see during the PlayStation maker's show, though? Do you want to learn about some fresh franchises, or are you hoping for a sequel to a particular favourite from years gone by? Are you eager to see the PlayStation Vita get more than a token mention, or is it Project Morpheus that's got your attention?

We'll be covering all of the announcements live here at Push Square – bring on the 20 hour shifts. Sigh.