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Sony's whole 'For the Players' spiel has worked incredibly well over the past couple of years, but if the PlayStation 4's going to continue selling at record-breaking pace, the platform holder needs to target more than just hardcore gamers. Speaking as part of an interview with MCV, the ever candid Fergal Gara, who's in charge of SCEUK, admitted that it will attempt to reach younger players this year.

"We have some first-party software that can certainly reach into the younger age groups, such as Tearaway Unfolded for the PS4," he pointed out. "Plus, there are games that go across the age spectrum, like FIFA. The toys-to-life category is looking strong this year, and the return of Guitar Hero and Rock Band will hopefully revive interest in that genre. It is perfect timing really as we head into our third Christmas."

Gara added that some of the biggest games this year should also break out of the usual core circles. "I would pick out Star Wars Battlefront and Batman: Arkham Knight," he said, conveniently selecting two titles that the Japanese giant has secured the marketing rights to. What more do you think that the platform holder needs to do to entice a younger demographic? A price drop must be at the top of the list, no?