Project CARS PS4 PlayStation 4

With the utmost respect to Slightly Mad Studios, we reckon that Project CARS has proved a particularly big deal on the PlayStation 4 because there's no sign of Gran Turismo 7 arriving any time soon. Sony helped publisher Bandai Namco market the simulation racer here in the UK, and it was clearly a shrewd move, as the title has sold 63 per cent of its copies on the Japanese giant's new-gen system in Britain.

That's over double what it managed on the Xbox One, and more than Microsoft's machine and physical PC purchases combined. Of course, it doesn't take into account digital sales, and it's worth noting that there are comparable games available on both of these competing formats. Still, the PlayStation maker must be looking at that number and rubbing its hands together. After all, assuming that it arrives within the next decade or so, Polyphony Digital's hotly anticipated sequel is going to be a serious commercial smash.